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To be successful, your site needs to be found. iExperto is a state-of-the-art SEO Services Company in Toronto to ensure that your site appears prominently in search engine listings. We will work with you to identify the top keywords and phrases that your potential customers use to seek your products and services.

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iExperto SEO Services

Ensuring that your site appears on the first few results in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, is crucial for your success. Studies have shown that most people do not click beyond the first page of responses when searching the internet. For this reason, the value of appearing with a search ranking of 1-5 is a magnitude higher than appearing 15th. Unfortunately, search engines keep their search algorithms as closely guarded secrets. For this reason, you need an expert SEO company to help your site appear when people seek your products or services. iExperto will work with you to create a list of the top keywords and phrases that are most likely to drive sales to your site, combined with advanced linking strategies for generating interest. We will work with you to create content that will generate the ideal traffic to your site, so that people find you when seeking answers to their specific questions.

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Local SEO Toronto

Make sure your site can be found by local Toronto customers seeking your products and services.


Cost-Effective SEO Solutions

Don’t spend too much on ineffective or improbable guarantees. iExperto will work within your budget


Advanced SEO Services

iExperto will develop advanced content marketing and linking strategies to ensure successful search engine ranking improvements


Affordable SEO Services In Toronto

Make sure your Toronto business can be found by people in your region.

What can SEO do?

Getting a top search engine ranking can make a large difference in your ability to attract leads and customers through the internet. Search Engine Optimization will help increase the likelihood that people can find your site when they search for terms to answer real questions. SEO is a complicated process which will help you structure your site in a way that prioritizes important keywords and phrases so as to increase traffic to your site.


SEO Consulting

iExperto will work with you to provide you with the information for optimizing your site to make you findable through major search engines.


SEO Analysis

iExperto will perform a detailed analysis of your existing site and identify areas which may be able to be improved to increase your SEO score.


Website Audit

iExperto will analyze your site to identify if there are places which may actually hurt your search engine ranking, and find ways to improve it.


Competitive Research

iExperto will perform an analysis of your competitors under prime keywords, and find ways of improving your SEO score to come out on top.


Keyword Research and Optimization

Using advanced tools, iExperto can find the phrases that people actually use when seeking your products and services, so you can improve your ROI.


On-page Seo Optimization

We will help you find ways of using existing content on your site to increase your SEO scores, and outperform your competitors.


Our Pricing

Try the filters below to see some example average costs* based on frequent project types on our platform.



Project Scope

Custom Plugin Development From $ 2310
Custom Theme Development From $ 2830
Speed and Security Optimization From $ 2020
Website Design and Development From $ 7080
E-commerce Site Design/Development From $ 10600

* Every project posted on Codeable is very different and gets individual attention and its own individual estimate from our experts. These are just illustrative examples to paint the broader picture.

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