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iExperto is a global IT solutions company trusted by customers and valued by employees. We provide custom web design & web development services in Canada & the USA that will help to change the way you do business.

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Why Are We Different?

We are a team of top-notch expert web developers and designers providing quality results.

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What We Do?

We Provide Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, eCommerce Solutions, SEO, and more.

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How Do We work?

We work intently one on one with clients, and develop quality work quickly, making use of cutting-edge Agile methodologies.

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Why Choose Us?

We will dedicate our efforts to your project, with the goal of achieving your greatest success within your budgetary limitations.



iExperto provides a wide range of services, including LMS and Web Design Services in Canada & the USA. We also provide speed optimization services, and web security solutions. We provide web migrations services, from local devices to web servers or between platforms or the cloud. iExperto will help design an effective and functional eCommerce web platform and ensure that people can find you through our top-notch SEO services. Beyond this, we will fully enhance your digital marketing activities, making use of PPC and PPV advertising. All sites we develop make use of state-of-the-art responsive design so that your users will be able to easily access your important content regardless of the device that they are using. We provide top-notch web design and development services in Toronto. We can build everything from flat sites, dynamic WordPress sites to fully customized responsive web development solutions that will work well for your users, whether they are using a desktop, laptop, or mobile platform. We employ some of the absolute best web design specialists in the USA & Canada who will work with you to provide solutions to your complex organizational needs.


Questions About Services

As is normal, you may have many questions about how we charge. We will attempt to answer these questions below.

Why should I work with iExperto?

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide clear guidelines for what we will provide for your project and will work hard to make sure you understand what each piece entails. You will only pay for work that is actually done; there will be no exorbitant unexplained add-on fees. We do all of this while ensuring that you will receive the highest possible quality product that we can create given your existing budget. You will find that working with us is easy. We believe in strong communication; your satisfaction is our primary goal.

What is your web design process like?

We start with a consultation with you, the customer. We start by gaining a full understanding of your business goals and purposes, and what it is you wish to achieve with your website design. We then create a series of mockups and wireframes to demonstrate each stage of the process. We will keep you informed and involved in every step of the process; communication is central to everything we do.

How much does a website design cost?

We have a standard price and that is $70-$120 USD or equivalent CAD per hour. The overall cost will depend on the complexity, urgency, and scope of the final project.

Do you use templates in your web design?

We create custom designs for your website from scratch; we make sure that it will stand out from others. In other words, we do not rely upon pre-packaged templates; each site we create is original and designed for your specifications. If you prefer to use any specific premium template, please let us know before starting the project. Using a template, the cost will be reduced than a custom design.

Do you offer search engine optimization?

Yes, SEO is one of the primary services that we offer to make sure that your site is designed and written in such a way that you will be able to be found in the major search engines.

What other graphic design services do you offer?

We create custom designs of graphics, including logo design, Business card, banner, stationery, letterhead, etc., and provide graphics that will work in other media, including print.

Do you offer any digital marketing services?

We absolutely offer a wide range of digital marketing services, ranging from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to purchasing advertising in various formats using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Pay-Per-View (PPV) models. We also provide a range of social media marketing services.

Do you work with startups?

We will be happy to work with your startup company and create a custom set of designs and websites to help you stand out from your competitors.

How big is your company?

We are a small company with fewer than 20 in-house staff, meaning that you will get a highly personalized customer experience. However, we also partner with a wide range of experts with a panoply of skills and service so that you can be assured of receiving world-class quality service.

Do you create web content?

We work with several content-creating partners and will help you create content to both help you clarify your products or services, but also to help increase your SEO scores.

Do you work with WordPress templates?

We are WordPress experts. We can either work with an existing template or if preferred, we will create a custom template so that your site will stand out from others.

Can you fix my website?

We will happily work with you to both fix any issues with your website and also work to increase its loading speed. We also offer website security services.

Do you work with companies outside of Canada & USA?

While we are based in Canada & the USA, we will happily work with companies anywhere in the world.

How can I get an estimate for my project?

Using our above guidelines, you can get an idea of the minimum cost for your project, however to get a clear estimate of the expense, we can set up a consultation to get an understanding of your needs.

What website platforms do you work with?

We work predominantly with WordPress but will also work with other platforms including Laravel, and custom bespoke sites.

What eCommerce platforms do you use?

Our primary platform is WooCommerce, as it integrates well with WordPress sites; however, we also work with Shopify, Open Cart, custom eCommerce sites, etc.

Who will be working on my project?

Your project will get personal attention from our team of in-house web designers and developers. If needed, we work with our well-trusted network of partners to provide you with the services that you need.

What industries or types of clients do you work with?

We work with a wide range of different companies, with a strong association with educational companies and institutions.

Do you offer mobile app development services?

All of our products are designed to work on a wide range of devices; our sites are “responsive” meaning that they will adapt to any medium through which they are viewed. Beyond this, we also offer custom mobile application development.

Do you have experience on LMS (Learning Management System) Website?

One of our primary services involves the creation and implementation of Learning Management Systems. We particularly specialize in using LearnDash but also work with a wide range of other LMS platforms, including BuddyBoss, MemberPress, WPLMS, Sensei, and LifterLMS.

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