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Like it or not, the internet is a treacherous place. To ensure that your site doesn’t fall victim to bad actors, you need a solid web security solution in place. iExperto will protect you from common types of hacks, and ensure your data remains safe.

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Consolidate Your
Security Stack

With the wide range of potential threats to a website, it can be tempted to develop an array of tools to handle each type of security threat as it arises. More tools, in many cases, can be better, but it can be easy to quickly lose track of your operations. Problems can fall through the cracks. The best way of handling this is to consolidate your security into a single endpoint, to have a single stack where it can be possible to see all areas of your system from a single viewpoint. Whether you are dealing with SQL injection threats, Cross-site scripting (XSS), or Dedicated Denial of Service attacks (DDoS), it’s helpful to have a single dashboard for viewing all of your security systems at once. iExperto will establish a single stack for maintaining secure control over all of your systems, both for protecting you against attacks, or for dealing with consequences of an attack.

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What we will ensure

iExperto will ensure that your systems are up-to-date with all of the latest important security patches. We will provide you with a simple method for monitoring your systems. We will ensure that you have full backups of all of your most important files and data. In the unfortunate event of an attack, we will be there 24/7 to help you restore your site and make sure that nothing important for the running of your business is lost.


Server to Server Migration

We will ensure that your site is fully backed up on separate secure servers to protect your data in the event of a loss.


Server to Web Hosting

We will help you to seamlessly migrate your full site from your local web server to a remote web host.


Web Hosting to Web Hosting

In the event you wish to switch providers, we will migrate all files and data seamlessly with little to no downtime.


Web Hosting to Server

We will help you create local backups of all data on your server, including all files and database records.

Website Infected? Don’t Panic!

In all but the best of worlds, hacks or infections do occur. It can happen to any business or website. However, you don’t need to lose sleep at night worrying about what will happen. In the unfortunate event that your site is either hacked or infected with malware, iExperto’s skilled team of security experts will jump into action and help you restore your site from backups with little to no pain. We will immediately scan your site for any infected files and clean out any viruses or malware that have found their way into your files or database, and quickly remedy the problem. We will then restore all files and data to their original state, and quickly update all plugins and with the most recent security patches. Just because your site has gone down does not mean that your business has. With iExperto on your side, there is little you have to fear.


Fix a Hacked Website Instantly

As we’ve said earlier, if your website is hacked, there’s little reason to panic. You do, of course, need to fix it immediately, because whichever bad actor has taken control over your site, will continue to target your customers. The good news is that this can happen very quickly. It can be done manually, by simply deleting all existing files, replacing them with backups, reloading the database, and running plugin updates, however this can all be accomplished very quickly by iExperto. We make use of some of the latest and greatest state-of-the-art WordPress security plugins. These plugins will perform all of the above actions immediately with the click of a single button. It will restore your site immediately from backups and reload all files, while you wait. With the use of these handy security plugins, your site can be up and running again in no time with virtually no impact to you or your customers.

Our Security Plans to fix & protect


Website Malware Removal

iExperto will quickly remove any and all malware that has infected your site with no adverse side-effects


Web Security Service

We will serve as your on-demand security analysts, and run regular analyses on your site, protecting you at all times.


Server Migration Service

We will help you migrate your site either to a new host, or to or from a local server.


Security Services in Toronto

Your Toronto-based company or organization will be in secure hands by working with iExperto


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