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iExperto provides the highest quality Website Migration Services in Toronto, Canada. We handle every aspect of the transfer, including database and file migration. With thorough backups, we ensure a seamless, worry-free transition without any data loss. Our expertise extends to server-to-server transfers and migrations between web hosts and servers.

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What's Included with your WordPress Migration?

Website migration experts at iExperto can help you avoid website migration headaches. Transferring your content from various platforms to WordPress can be a minefield, but iExperto streamlines the process, taking care of everything from SSL protocols to subdomain creation. We guarantee a smooth migration from any CMS platform to WordPress, minimizing SEO impact. We preserve your existing permalinks, flawlessly migrate your design, and ensure no data loss, including everything from database content to site files (images, etc.), author information, and customer details. Our migrations also encompass complete email transfer and maintain the integrity of your Google Analytics for uninterrupted activity tracking. Additionally, we optimize your site for speed – you might even experience an improvement!

Web Hosting Migration Platform Migration Domain Name Migration

Migrating your website to a new platform or host can be a complex process. iExperto takes the stress out of the equation. We're the leading provider of site migration services in Toronto, offering seamless transitions for all your website needs. From basic web host changes to comprehensive CMS-to-WordPress migrations, we handle it all, including database and file movement.


Server to Server Migration

iExperto will manage the full migration of your site between local servers or to new remote servers located within the cloud.


Server to Web Hosting

iExperto will handle the seamless migration of your content and your data from your local servers to a remote web host.


Web Hosting to Web Hosting

Changing web hosts? iExperto can make sure that all of your content and data is moved without any interruption of service.


Web Hosting to Server

iExperto will perform full backups of your site and data from your web host to a locally hosted server or one in the cloud.

Moving a site built with a custom codebase can be a daunting task. Moving to WordPress offers a powerful solution! This popular CMS platform empowers your internal staff to make updates without needing developers. iExperto handles the entire migration process, seamlessly transferring your content to WordPress. We also offer expert migration services for elaborate eCommerce stores using WooCommerce.


Laravel to WordPress

iExperto will assist you with the migration process from this popular PHP framework to an easily manageable WordPress site.


Wix to WordPress

While simple to use, Wix sites are limited. iExperto will seamlessly migrate your site to Wordpress with no loss in service.


Weebly to WordPress

iExperto will assist you with migrating your site from Weebly to Wordpress. Experience no loss in data or files in the process.


Squarespace to WordPress

Do you need a more powerful website experience than Squarespace can provide? iExperto will assist with the full migration process.


Shopify to WordPress

Moving away from Shopify’s eCommerce Platform? iExperto will help you move your site to an easy to manage and customize WordPress platform


Magento To WooCommerce

Website migrations can simplify your switch from Magento to a more user-friendly platform like WooCommerce within WordPress. Our website migration services can handle the entire process seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition for your online store.


Shopify to WooCommerce

Moving away from Shopify’s eCommerce Platform? iExperto will help you move your site to an easy to manage and customize WooCommerce platform


Any Platform to WordPress

No matter what platform you have been using before for your website, iExperto can help you migrate it to the WordPress platform


WordPress to Others

Want to move away from WordPress to any other platform? We can also help you with this. The choice is yours.

Migrate your website without disrupting your business. Your domain name is your web address, but website migrations happen. iExperto ensures a smooth transition. We handle all the technical aspects of migrating your website to a new domain, subdomain, or any combination. Whether you're going through a company name change, acquiring a new company, or making other changes, we'll keep your online presence strong throughout the migration.


Domain Name -> New Domain Name

We can handle all transfers of your existing domain and set up redirects to ensure a seamless experience during your rebranding.


Main-Domain -> Sub-Domain

iExperto can handle the process of migrating all content from your main domain to a new subdomain without any hiccups.


Sub-Domain -> Main-Domain

iExperto can seamlessly handle the process of migrating all content from your subdomain to a brand new domain.


Sub-Domain -> New Sub-Domain

Do you simply need to migrate your site from one subdomain to another without any trouble? iExperto will handle this.

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What we will ensure

Our website migration services ensure a smooth and secure transition, regardless of your website's current setup. Moving between domains, platforms, or even from a local server to a web host can be daunting. We simplify the process, guaranteeing a swift and secure migration that prioritizes your site's performance and security. We minimize disruptions and ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


User Friendly

iExperto ensures that the process of migrating your site will be easy and painless.


Quick Update

The update process of your migration will be fast, and will be almost unnoticeable.


High Performance

Your new site will perform at the same or greater level than prior to the migration.


100% Secure

There will be no risk to you or your customers at all throughout the entire migration procedure.


Unlimited Featured

Your new WordPress site will now have access to an almost unlimited set of new features.


24 X 7 Support

At any point in the process, we will be available for any support needs.

WP Migration Service

Our website migration experts simplify your move to WordPress with a stress-free migration service. Our team seamlessly transitions your existing website and designs to a user-friendly WordPress platform. This empowers you and your team to make quick updates and leverage the platform’s extensive features, minimizing website downtime and maximizing your control. Don’t let website migration hold you back any longer – experience the power of WordPress today!

Web Design Services

Website Transfer Service

Moving your website between hosts, between servers, as a backup, or for any other reason is painless when working with iExperto. We will handle the moving of all files, databases, images, and user accounts over to your new location. We will ensure that the experience for your users is seamless, with zero downtime between hosts. The process will be secure and user-friendly. We anticipate and plan for any eventuality and you will be happy you chose to work with us.



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