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A fast website is crucial for maintaining the interest of your users. iExperto is the Website Speed Optimization Guru. We will examine your existing website and find ways of reducing the load time to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

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Why lose your customers to your competitors over something so easily avoidable as a slow website? iExperto’s expert staff are skilled at finding ways to reduce the load time of your website, your databases, and your online stores. Whether it has to do with poorly rendering graphics, a slow database, or improperly configured CDNs, we can find ways of dropping the time it takes for your customers to obtain access to the information you need. We perform expert analysis of existing processes, and find ways of streamlining the flow of content so that your important information is delivered in a timely fashion.

Enhance User Experience

Improve your users’ experience on your site. A faster website produces a much higher level of customer satisfaction.

Boost SEO Rankings

Google, Bing and other search engines will penalize sites that are too slow. Improve your speed to improve your ranking.

Improve the Traffic

While high traffic may be a good sign your business is doing well, slowness may irritate customers and reduce sales.

Increase Conversions

For each second a user waits to get results, this increases the chance they may leave. Speed up your site and improve conversions.

Benefits of website speed optimization WordPress Speed optimization services Page Speed Optimization

Benefits of website speed optimization

Optimizing your site is important for several reasons. First of all, people don’t like to wait a long time for a site to load. This is especially true for those who are accessing your site from a mobile device. If they can’t get quick results, there’s a high likelihood that they will leave and never come back. A faster site will also increase the amount of traffic that you can handle at any given time. This means more people and potentially higher sales conversion rates. Another important factor is that a faster site will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings, bringing in more traffic.

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WordPress Speed optimization services

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System which enables you to be able to quickly generate content yourself for your site. However, if not managed carefully, it can result in a slow site. iExperto provides services which will help optimize your plugins and make use of many additional tools to ensure that your WordPress site is optimized to generate content quickly and efficiently. We have the ability to run multiple reports and fine tune many of the dynamic aspects of your site, including browser and page caching, CSS and Javascript optimization, server compression, database optimization, redirects, and ensuring your plugins are up to date and patched.

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Page Speed Optimization

To succeed on the internet, your website needs to be able to run fast. iExperto will ensure that your individual web pages load properly, efficiently, and effectively to ensure top-notch optimization. We will work to make sure that your site works with you instead of against you in achieving your performance and sales conversion goals. Whether your goal is to improve your SEO rankings, handle many customers at once, or simply improve the overall user experience for your current and potential customers, iExperto’s page speed optimization services will help your site run with lightning-fast speed, and leave your competitors in the dust.

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Page Speed Insights

There are many things that can slow down your site. These can range from too many graphics, or ones that are too large. These can often be improved without any loss to user experience. Are you streaming multimedia where it may not have any added value? This too can slow down a site. Other things that can have a detrimental effect on your site’s speed can include a poorly optimized database, or it might even be a problem with your webhost. Let our team of experts analyze your site and find solutions to improve your site performance within guidelines that match your company’s specific needs.

GTmetrix report

iExperto will run an analysis of your site through GTMetrix to determine what factors may be causing slowness of your site. This report will run tests using several different algorithms, including PageSpeed, YSlow, Waterfall, and more. These metrics can be crucial for identifying problematic areas within your website. We will analyze factors such as scaled and optimized images, consistent URL delivery, minimized Javascript, CSS Sprites, and many other factors which may slow your response time. IExperto will run through each of these factors, and identify which ones may be having the greatest impact on your site speed, and find methods for resolving them.


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Custom Plugin Development From $ 2310
Custom Theme Development From $ 2830
Speed and Security Optimization From $ 2020
Website Design and Development From $ 7080
E-commerce Site Design/Development From $ 10600

* Every project posted on Codeable is very different and gets individual attention and its own individual estimate from our experts. These are just illustrative examples to paint the broader picture.

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