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Your web presence is critical to creating the best learning experience for your students. Not just that, an effective school web design could even boost the efficiency of your teachers and staff, save time, and drive down costs in the long term. For this, you need a top-class design with the right features and functionality.
At iExperto, we combine the best school website design solutions with the right front and back-end tools. So, whether you need a basic information site or want to offer online education to your students, we can get it done for you.

With our world-class learning management systems, we will ensure your school is ready to support the tech-driven education of the future. Our designs are beautiful, intuitive, and engaging for a seamless and rewarding experience for students and your team. And our school website development team will offer ongoing services to ensure staff training and technical support.

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Our Features

Features for University and School Web Design Services

The features you select for your education website could make a world of difference for your learners and educators. They can add unlimited functionality to your site, making it more engaging for students, effortless for your team, and efficient for your organization. Our universities web design approach includes in-depth meetings to understand your needs. They allow us to determine the right tools to deliver the best learning outcomes for you.


Make administration easier

The best education website design solutions focus on bringing efficiency, accuracy, and time savings to educators, so they can become more productive at work.


Make it effortless and professional

A professional design, easy navigation, seamless content structure, and the right tools are essential to make your website functional and effortless to use.


Make it mobile-friendly

We will ensure that your site is fully backed up on separate secure servers to protect your data in the event of a loss.


Live chat

Live chat features will allow both your existing and potential students to get the information they need in an instant through chatbots and live student support.


Applicant info

Cut down manual paperwork, costly errors, and inefficiencies by managing all new applicant information for your courses on a single web platform.


Virtual tour

Allow potential students and parents to explore your school or university premises with an impressive virtual tour. It’s guaranteed to get them excited.

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Benefits of Education
Web Design Services

lead generation target audience navigation
Education Website Lead-Generation

Effective lead generation

Generating leads and managing them effectively through the sales funnel is challenging for any education institute, whether private, university, or training center. But instead of relying on traditional means, you can use your website as a powerful tool for lead generation.

With the help of digital advertising and search optimization, you can drive significant traffic to your website. And it could serve as a marketing tool to build awareness and create interest. In addition, by integrating features such as forms, you can build a database of prospective leads, which your team could follow up and nurture from there onwards.

We can even set up CRM features to make the lead management process more effortless. It can help eliminate time-intensive manual tasks and drive in better efficiencies to the lead management process. All this can make your website a valuable sales tool.


Reach your target audience

Each audience has its unique needs, interests, aspirations, and lifestyles. So, a standard website solution will not do much to engage specific student groups. But an audience-centric site can help you reach your target audience more effectively by catering to their interests and learning goals.

At iExperto, our education web design solutions are built with the audience in mind. We understand that the design aesthetics and functionality that attract school students will not work for a training center that caters to the learning needs of professionals. But with the right customizations, you can easily reach out to your potential students and engage them more effectively.

To help you achieve this, we offer design solutions that can create the best first impression. And it works like magic, every single time! And then, we’ll make your site feature-rich with all the functionality your audience will love.

Education Website Target-Audience
Education Website Easy Navigation

Easy navigation

An effective education website design will make seamless navigation a priority. This is because the user experience depends on it to a large extent. But why does it matter so much? When information is scattered in a confusing and illogical manner, locating details becomes a tiring process. When navigation becomes frustrating, your users are guaranteed to leave your site and will likely never return.

But a professionally designed website will ensure effortless navigation. The content will be logically structured with user needs in mind. So, no matter how much content your site carries, your users will have no trouble finding what they need. This ensures that they engage better with your site features and spend more time browsing your website.

At iExperto, we won’t stop there. We’ll make sure that even design elements and site speed are optimized to make navigation easier and smoother for your users.


Education Website Questions

How do you create a school website?

You should begin with the domain name purchase. Then, assess your needs and aspirations to determine the design and features of your site. Finally, a seasoned developer team can help transform those ideas and goals into a live website.

Which website is best for the school?

Each school will have different expectations when it comes to its website. What works for one might not suit another. So, it’s critical to assess your needs before building a website. It’ll help you determine the best one for your school.

What makes a good school website?

An effective school website should integrate design, functionality, and performance. It should represent your school’s identity, ethos, and aspirations. Most of all, it should create value and provide an impressive experience for its users.

How do I make a custom school website?

Developing a custom website demands a high level of technical expertise. So, you need the help of an experienced school website developer. But first, identify the specific features you want, so you can make the best out of your budgets.

What is the best school website?

The best school website will engage its audience with beautiful designs, great features, and an effortless user experience. It’ll also deliver on your goals, whether you’re looking to generate leads, sell courses, or conduct online classes.

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