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Working in the cloud has many advantages, providing additional flexibility and scalability for your business operations. iExperto will help you get your organization set up for cloud computing. We can help you migrate all of your existing processes into a centrally hosted cloud environment.

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iExperto Cloud Server Support

Managing your cloud environment need not be complicated. iExperto will provide full maintenance, scaling, and cost management associated with managing your complex cloud environment. We can help you with everything from the migration process, to ongoing daily operations and resource provisioning. Whether you are managing databases, any Software as a Service (SaaS) applications or even if you wish to run your entire infrastructure in the cloud, iExperto can and will handle all aspects of running your servers. Enjoy the benefits of 100% uptime and the flexibility that hosting your business processes online can bring. Feel confident knowing that you will always have full backups of all of your crucial business data, and receive full 24/7 support to make sure that your business can run remotely no matter where your employees may be. Consider making the leap now away from expensive and cumbersome local servers and boost your productivity by moving to the cloud.

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Freedom of a freelancer

Enable every aspect of your business to work remotely or on premise if necessary.


Concentrate on your professional activities

Spend less time worrying about keeping your servers running, and more time on actual business.


Flexible made to measure and fast

Enable your business to scale up and down whenever needed at lightning speed.


Guaranteed compliance with swiss legislation

iExperto provides fully encrypted cloud security to protect your business and customers’ sensitive data.

Our Services

Services We offer

iExperto provides a wide range of cloud services, and will help you handle everything including cloud server configuration, both public and private, We will ensure that you have the capacity to ensure that your business runs smoothly both during normal operations as well as having the flexibility to scale up to handle peak levels of traffic whenever it becomes necessary. We also ensure that your data is kept safe, secure, and well-backed up to protect yourself and your customers.


User Friendly

iExperto will make sure that your customers are delivered the best online experience.


Quick Update

Our eCommerce platforms will enable you to quickly update your site and product listings.


High Performance

As speed is important, we make sure you don’t lose customers due to a slow site.


100% Secure

Protect yourself and your customers with a secure site that will ensure shopping safety.


Unlimited Featured

iExperto’s flexible platforms enable you to add or remove features with ease.


24 X 7 Support

No matter the time of day or night, we will provide you with any necessary support.

Cloud Server Configuration Cloud Configuration Management Private Cloud Server Management

Cloud Server Configuration

iExperto will manage all aspects of setting specification for all hardware and software details to make sure all of your important business operations can continue to operate and communicate with each other. We manage the maintenance of your cloud APIs so each aspect of your business can continue to operate regardless of their location. Whether you are using a Software as Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, we will make sure that your cloud environment efficiently provisions enough resources to keep your crucial business activities running at peak capacity. If you are running a hybrid cluster, where some of your processes are running locally and others are running in the cloud, iExperto will ensure that these systems continue to communicate effectively with each other, and are consistently backed up to ensure business continuity. We do all of this while ensuring that the cost is kept inline with your existing business budgets.

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Cloud Configuration Management

iExperto manages all aspects of your cloud configurations, so that your business can enjoy the benefits of a digital workspace, providing you with the full business agility that your company demands. By providing the advantage of well-configured cloud environments, your company can now run pretty much anything as a service (XaaS). Of course, when handling this, this emphasized the need for a centralized CMDB. iExperto’s team of experts manage each aspect of your SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products. Instead of having to worry about the fragmented nature of running each of these systems locally because of individual members with widely different skill sets, the cloud provides the ability to establish a clear architecture where all aspects can be managed centrally. iExperto makes sure that all configurations are set so that enough resources are provisioned for peak times and also enables these same systems to scale down during slower times, keeping your business expenses under control

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Private Cloud Server Management

A private cloud is a system which allows for on-demand deployment of various services whenever they are needed, specifically for your in-office activities. In this environment, iExperto will help you run your proprietary business operations without fear of other organizations or individuals from accessing your private data. While a public cloud can serve for providing your website and public database operations, your private cloud will serve specifically for your internal processes. iExperto will manage all aspects of the complexity of making sure these systems remain functional and secure. With your private cloud, you can enjoy the benefits of modern infrastructures, platforms, and software without having to spend enormous amounts of money on expensive hardware. Trust in iExperto to make sure that your business has the flexibility to attain your goals and enable your remote teams to be able to access centralized datasets and applications at a fraction of the price of fully locally housed systems.

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Are you ready for a better, more productive business?

Why be held back by limitations within your outdated existing local servers? By making use of cloud technology, you can bring your company into the present, enabling quick updates, business flexibility and scalability to allow for your inevitable growth.

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